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I'm letting go...I will be ok

The letting go process is not fun, but it is necessary! One of the important aspects of letting go, is to ask yourself, who are you trusting in this process. Will you trust God, yourself or others during the process of letting go? The next question is, what are you letting go? Finally, Why are you letting go?

Always remember, relationships are very important. If the relationship can be saved, then it's important to explore that option. However, I will be writing on how to go through the letting go process, successfully.

I have been around people that will cut others off, then play the victim. I have also been around people, who will push others away because they do not know how to handle their emotions and will create chaos.

How we handle the letting go process is very important! When family moves away, a child leaves for college, a death in the family, leaving a job and moving away to another state can be traumatic. What healthy or unhealthy ways have helped or hurt your process of letting go?

Here are some healthy ways of going through the letting go process:

1. Breathe.

It's very important to inhale and exhale slowly. This helps with your nervous system. Breathing slowly, also helps you gather your thoughts and appreciate your NOW.

2. Cry.

It's perfectly ok, to feel your emotions. It's ok to cry. Sometimes, we need a good cry, it cleanses our soul.

3. Trust & Pray

It is important who and what you trust and talk to in the letting go process. When we pray, we are talking to God. It's important to not just do all the talking, but to also listen, during the letting go process. How can you hear God? that's a discussion for another time, but one of the ways to hear God is to read the Bible. In my experience of going through the letting go process, I did not know who to trust at times of vulnerability. Nonetheless, I have realized, trusting God, is of most importance. Your Spouse, Pastors, mentors, family members and close friends are people who you should be able to trust, who will be a confidant and support for you.

4. Take a walk & Release

Exercise is a vital part of your letting go process. Starting off with a walk in your favorite neighborhood park, around the block, or at the gym activates and releases chemicals called endorphins. As you are releasing any negative energy that can come with your letting go process, your body will be releasing negative emotions as you walk around your neighborhood. Dancing & singing is another great way to go through your letting go process. so put on your favorite song, and dance and sing away.

The side effect: You may lose weight, you may find a hidden talent!

5. Give Back

Now you are ready to give back, which an important part while you are going through your letting go process. What does giving back look like? Helping someone move out of their home, volunteering at a homeless shelter, or looking for someone in need and being their blessing! It is important to remember, there are other people who are hurting, ask yourself, "How can I give back to my community today?" Make a list, write it down, then do your list.

It's Time...It's your time to let go! It's your time to move forward...It's your time for BREAKTHROUGH, are you ready?

Ready...Set...Let go!

Behold, the former things have come to pass, and new things I declare; before they spring forth I tell you of them.” Isaiah 42:9

I'm letting go and I will be ok...

Written by,

Shantelle Renay


Women of Power International

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